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Organizational Culture (Episode 1) – Cynthia Ho and KL Fairweather

November 29, 2017

In this series, titled Organizational Culture, Cynthia Ho (Manager) and Kim-Louise (‘KL’) Fairweather compare and contrast their personal experiences of working in different countries around the world. Embracing specific aspects of culture and understanding how that culture can impact your ability to ‘get the job done’ at any organization is critical for anyone whose role […]

Human Capital Management: The Predictive Index (PI)

November 29, 2017

The Human Capital Management series analyzes Typhoon Consulting’s internal use of the behavioral assessment tool, the “Predictive Index.” PI measures an individual’s behaviour across four dimensions, providing insights into themselves for the individual and helping others to understand how a person will behave in the normal course of business, and how they may react under […]

Friction (Episode 1) – An Overview

November 29, 2017

In the “Friction” series we identify and discuss sources of inefficiency in everyone’s day-to-day business lives. In this pilot episode, David Powell (Asia Pacific CEO), Chen Yang (Senior Consultant), and Michael Grady (Senior Consultant), discuss sources of friction in the office including meetings, and how they frequently fail to meet their objectives and in some […]

Cyber-Security (Episode 1) – Current threats and how to establish best practice cyber responses.

November 29, 2017

Conor Cole (Senior Consultant) provides insights into current best practice in cyber security and some simple steps that organizations (and individuals) can take to reduce their cyber risk – although as Conor points out, it’s not possible to eliminate cyber risk entirely. Hackers are continually developing new strategies to maliciously penetrate the networks of global […]

Retirement Solutions in Hong Kong – how the market is changing

November 29, 2017

David Powell (Asia Pacific CEO) and Robert Chapman (Senior Manager) discuss changes to the market structure, regulatory pressures, and key trends impacting the Mandatory Provident Fund (“MPF”) system in Hong Kong. As legal requirements continue to compress fee margins and revenue, Robert provides his views on where the industry is heading given current and future […]