Typhoon Talks

Disruption In The Legal Industry With Lucy Ashenhurst

August 28, 2018

In the past couple of years we have witnessed a growing number of companies in Banking, Health Care, and Retail sectors racing against each other to adopt the latest pieces of smart technology, whether it’s blockchain, smart contracts, or machine learning. The legal industry, however, is generally behind when it comes to innovation and technological disruption. […]

Demystifying AI (Ep. 4) – Valuable Human Skillsets In An AI World

August 28, 2018

Does the rise of AI mean the demise of humankind? As superintelligent machines continue to gain capability, the need to identify our human competitive advantage is essential. In this instalment of our ‘Demystifying AI’ series, we speak with Kevin Pereira, MD of Blu Ltd – Artificial Intelligence. Listen in as we discuss critical skillsets, the […]

Blockchain in The Medical Tourism Industry with Taeyong Kim

August 28, 2018

Blockchain, a buzzword most recently associated with the Bitcoin bubble, is in fact an undeniably revolutionary technology. Be it in banking, law or healthcare, it holds the potential to transform any number of transactions requiring trust. In this episode, we talk blockchain in the healthcare industry with Taeyong Kim. As the CEO of medical tourism […]

Introduction to UX Design and Agile with Hanny Yeung

August 14, 2018

In the e-commerce world where user experience and customer satisfaction are the synonyms for success, the attractiveness of online communication channels becomes the decisive factor for company’s survival Listen to our discussion with Hanny Yeung to learn more about how UX design and Agile can create an outstanding digital experience for your clients

Demystifying AI (Ep. 2): Towards an Orwellian Future? with Paul de Font-Reaulx

July 12, 2018

Could AI reduce the use of violence? Would that necessarily be a good thing? In this episode we talk about security concerns in relation to military power, government surveillance and personal data. We ask the question, ’Where will AI take us?’

Driving Gender Equality with Adrian Warr

July 9, 2018

Creating equality in the workplace requires more than simple changes to corporate policies. Hear about one company’s journey and how the Male Allies are pushing for change in Hong Kong. Adrian is managing director of Edelman Hong Kong and is also part of a group of male business leaders in Hong Kong who recently founded […]

Demystifying AI (Ep. 1): An Introduction

July 4, 2018

With all the media buzz surrounding AI and machine learning technologies, it can be hard to gauge what is realistic and what is merely science fiction. In this series, Typhoon will cut through the scaremongering and seek to answer the question ‘just how big will AI become?’

The Art of Pricing with guest Claire Wang

June 29, 2018

How are brands using psychology to influence our decisions? Packed with entertaining examples, this podcast is the perfect introduction to pricing strategy, which is so much more than a mathematical function.

Monthly News Review – June 2018

June 26, 2018

What does the triumph of populism in Italy mean for the future of Europe? Does Malaysia’s new government herald the end of corruption? Have the G7 and Singapore summits brought the world back from the edge of nuclear destruction and trade war, or caused further polarisation? Find out in our dissection of this month’s biggest […]

The Power of Storytelling With Divya Ahluwalia

June 20, 2018

Storytelling is a crucial way to engage your audience and communicate your mission. How do you tell a good story? Why are they so effective? Find out by listening to our conversation with Divya, an award winning marketer with a decade of experience in communications.