Industry Reports

The Future of China’s Healthcare Market

October 3, 2018

China’s Healthcare market is changing rapidly. As the country’s middle class becomes urban and wealthy, its members are seeking healthcare protection for their families. To cope with the rising demands, private companies have been continuously encouraged by government authorities to take the lead. As China’s markets begin to welcoming foreign players, companies’ ability to incorporate […]

Diversity and Inclusion in Hong Kong Workplace

September 24, 2018

Discrimination, in all of its various forms, is a serious issue in Hong Kong. The lack of legislation on discrimination towards LGBT+ individuals and the young and old is one obstacle to change. However, the continued prevalence of discrimination against legally protected out-groups and the reluctance of individuals to use formal legal channels to redress cases of discrimination suggests that it is not the only area on which we should focus. Creating cultural change within companies and other organisations is necessary to improve business outcomes and Hong Kong’s performance in the global talent war.

Innovation & Disruption In Utilities: Electrifying In A New Era

July 15, 2018

With immense regulatory and conceptual changes happening in the utility sector, current industry players have to rethink their role as pure commodity players. What steps do incumbents have to take to remain profitable while still being the part of the transformation towards a greener society?

The Future Of Healthcare

July 15, 2018

The increasing complexity associated with healthcare industry have become a universal problem over the past decade. What roles should governments, institutions and individuals assume in order to reduce the healthcare service costs and consumption?

Regulatory Dynamics Of Artificial Intelligence Global Governance

July 15, 2018

Artificial Intelligence is widely acknowledged to hold radically transformative—and disruptive—potential on par with the invention of the printing press and the Industrial Revolution. Sergey Brin (2018), co-founder of Google, has belittled his accomplishments in comparison: “The new spring in artificial intelligence is the most significant development in computing in my lifetime.” As AI has transformed the economy (Chui et al., 2018), and changes the role of government (Eggers et al., 2017), it also holds the potential for mass unemployment (Nedelkoska & Quintini, 2018), and possibly constitutes an existential threat to humanity (Bostrom, 2014). The careful governance of this disruption is a key challenge and imperative of our time.

How Governments Should Regulate the Crypto Markets?

July 15, 2018

While cryptocurrency investment markets are growing at an exponential rate, the need for solid regulatory systems has yet to be fulfilled. How can governments address countless safety challenges, such as taxation, fraud, and monitoring without hindering the rising investment opportunity? Download PDF Click Here To Download The PDF

Gamification: A Suitable Approach To Improve Healthcare All Over The World?

July 1, 2018

The Future of Health: With the world’s population forecast to continue to grow throughout the 21st century and with human beings, in developed countries, having greater than ever life expectancy, new approaches to health research and delivery will need to be developed. What roles must governments, organizations and individuals play to ensure that healthcare can be provided universally at a low or zero cost to the individual?

Robotics: Manufacturing A Technology Policy Blueprint

July 1, 2018

Introduction – The Robotics Revolution
When Chinese President Xi Jinping visited the University of Science and Technology of China in 2017, he was greeted by two humanoid-robots named “Jia Jia” and “Xiao Man” – “Hello Mr. President, we are pleased to be part of China’s great rejuvenation,” they said. Xi praised the engineers’ work, and stressed the importance of self-led robotics innovation. Miles away, in a factory in Guangdong province, nine robots now do the job of 150 full-time workers (Bland, 2016). Robotic arms hoist circuit boards, process before transporting them through a computer-linked camera for quality inspection. Across China’s manufacturing belts, thousands of factories like this are turning to automation in a major government-backed, robotics-driven industrial revolution.

The Healthcare Industry: What Is The Diagnosis?

June 15, 2018

The Healthcare industry arguably has a greater influence on our daily lives than any other. From birth to death, everyone is affected by the quantity and quality of care that we can receive. The stakeholders are not only individuals and societies but businesses, which depend on healthy employees and customers. Understanding how our healthcare systems are structured, funded and staffed is the first step towards creating healthier and so more productive societies. Furthermore, with a total revenue of almost US$2 trillion the influence of healthcare on the global economy should not be underestimated.