The Healthcare Industry: What Is The Diagnosis?

The-healthcare-industry-FreyaThe Healthcare industry arguably has a greater influence on our daily lives than any other. From birth to death, everyone is affected by the quantity and quality of care that we can receive. The stakeholders are not only individuals and societies but businesses, which depend on healthy employees and customers. Understanding how our healthcare systems are structured, funded and staffed is the first step towards creating healthier and so more productive societies. Furthermore, with a total revenue of almost US$2 trillion the influence of healthcare on the global economy should not be underestimated.

This study is an independent report, researched and written by Freya Easton between January and May 2018 for Typhoon Research. Freya holds a first-class degree in biology from Oxford University, and has experience investing and consulting in the healthcare space. It was commissioned to provide an in-depth analysis of a complex and diverse sector, as well as insight into the future changes we can expect to see from technological developments, changing business models and demographic shifts. The report benefits from its global approach to the industry, and many illuminating comparisons are drawn throughout.

Typhoon Research is a function of Typhoon Consulting, a global boutique management consultancy firm headquartered in Hong Kong. Typhoon Research produces high quality industry insights which leverage the expertise of our consultants. Our perspectives are shaped by thorough research, critical analysis and rigorous peer review. The reports are not produced for only a specific set of clients but aim to share our perspectives with a broader audience and so foster well informed discussion.

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